Web Design - My Passion

one fine evening,I was walking down the corridor in my college . I remember that year to be 2000. Yes I was in my first year and to my suprise i saw a crowd of people who were standing around the Notice Board. I struggled to move across my friends and to my suprise there was a web page design competition posted. I gathered the information and found myself in my college bus in another few hours. I was thinking hard about how well could i be able to design and other related stuffs. In the mean time , I got introduced to one of my college senior and I asked him about the various things that the web page would require. My moral was totally broke when he supressed me by responding to my queries like " Hey ,.. you are too young,... you dont know much about web sites,.. you will not be able to design a good page ,.. you are wasting time ,.. HTML is tough to learn ,... you cannot,.. " On listening to him , I decided myself that i should equip myself with the necessary things that would make me as a web master. This was the incident that added more fuel to my burning desire as well as to my creative path in web designing.

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