Driving My Bike - Time Pass

When everything around me seems still, and when I am totally upset about something that had made me worry,... It's my bike that accompanies me to relax. Yes,.. I love driving my bike that too in East Coast Road . At times a fast ride would be enjoyable but mostly slow driving along the coast would add more pleasant feeling to my mood. I think most of the boys love driving their bikes. Its my toy that i use frequently and its my machine friend which calms me down when I am restless at times.

Virtual Reality - My Workshop

VRML - Virtual Reality Markup Language can be quite related to the HTML - Hyper Text Mark up Language. In HTML, we type in the code in a notepad and save it as .html inorder to create a web page. The Browsers used were IE,Netscape, Mozilla , Firefox,... Similarily the VRML is written in a notepad and saved as .wrl . Browsers like VRealm, VRscout, Cosmoplayer are the ones that would render the 3d workspace of the objects that we create. virtual walkthroughs of a building, Face as in Humanoids ,.. and many more can also be created. I am totally interested in designing Virtual space for real time objects. People who are really interested in this field can help me out in sharing the ideas and the real work that VRML is capable of.

Web Design - My Passion

one fine evening,I was walking down the corridor in my college . I remember that year to be 2000. Yes I was in my first year and to my suprise i saw a crowd of people who were standing around the Notice Board. I struggled to move across my friends and to my suprise there was a web page design competition posted. I gathered the information and found myself in my college bus in another few hours. I was thinking hard about how well could i be able to design and other related stuffs. In the mean time , I got introduced to one of my college senior and I asked him about the various things that the web page would require. My moral was totally broke when he supressed me by responding to my queries like " Hey ,.. you are too young,... you dont know much about web sites,.. you will not be able to design a good page ,.. you are wasting time ,.. HTML is tough to learn ,... you cannot,.. " On listening to him , I decided myself that i should equip myself with the necessary things that would make me as a web master. This was the incident that added more fuel to my burning desire as well as to my creative path in web designing.

Basketball - I love this game.

when i was studying fifth standard, I started playing basket ball in Lisieux. When i recall those days its like an golden era that i have led in my school. Yes, the academics as well as sports was a whole world to me. I have heard of Jordan then and was a big fan of Bryant. The echo sounds of p-a-s-s , s-h-o-o-t , d-r-i-v-e-i-n , 0-0-p-s , 3-pointer , . . . are still making me smile when i think of those wonderful days. As years passed on ,.. I got into YMCA BBC club , became a key play maker in my school basketball team. There were success and failures in the matches that i had played. I would like to tell you that it was those days of team game that made me learn the art of Team Player which helps me even now to work as a team in my project.

Who am I ?

Hi People, this is Pon Arun kumar . I take this opputunity in meeting you all and sharing the information that i know and looking forward to learn a lot from you all. Let me introduce myself before proceeding further. Like most of you all, I had a very good time during my schooling at Lisieux Matriculation Higher Secondary School, coimbatore. It was a Boys only school and we guys had a fantastic time by reading,playing and especially playing dumbchardes and Basket ball. Later on I completed my bachelor of engineering in Sri Krishna college of engineering and technology,coimbatore. Right from 22-09-1982 I was in coimbatore and recently 2 years back i moved on to chennai to pursue my job as a software engineer at hexaware technologies.