Basketball - I love this game.

when i was studying fifth standard, I started playing basket ball in Lisieux. When i recall those days its like an golden era that i have led in my school. Yes, the academics as well as sports was a whole world to me. I have heard of Jordan then and was a big fan of Bryant. The echo sounds of p-a-s-s , s-h-o-o-t , d-r-i-v-e-i-n , 0-0-p-s , 3-pointer , . . . are still making me smile when i think of those wonderful days. As years passed on ,.. I got into YMCA BBC club , became a key play maker in my school basketball team. There were success and failures in the matches that i had played. I would like to tell you that it was those days of team game that made me learn the art of Team Player which helps me even now to work as a team in my project.

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vijay said...

Hi PonarunKumar.. Looks like your blog is grwoing at a good pace...and seems ur having a good time @ hexaware....enjoyin blogging