Wachovia HR Workforce Analytics - First Anniversary

My journey towards west was to take over my new responsibility as an integeral member of the on going Wachovia HR Workforce analytics team here at charlotte. It was carolyn, our Project Manager who invited us to her home for celebrating the first anniversary of our team. It was a one hour drive to her place,... we have already filled in our car with lots of indian foods,.. briyani's samosaa's,.. When we entered her home,.. we were totally surprised to see the little cute daughter of her. She was very active and she invited us with atmost care. The way the party was organised was fantastic,.. hmmm,..got an oppurtunity to meet all the other team members who were working virtually. The words " Treat this as your home and feel comfortable " made me feel good on that occasion. After a 2 hour gettogether,.. discussions,... and fun,... the party came to an end. Before we left,..we just signed in the guest book that hawkins family is maintaining. when we came back,.. george car literally encountered hydroplanning in two occasions,..but somehow he managed to drive it carefully :-)...you know george is a skillfull driver.


Nakato - Sushi

Nakato - Sushi Bar is a japanese restaurant. One fine day, it was murali, myself and amit who jumped in a cruiser wagon to drive across to nakato for our lunch. hmmm,... the interiors was totally reflecting japanese culture,.. when the bearer invited us to a table,.. i was totally surprised to see the kitchen setup,.. yes there were sticks(sorry am not getting the exact name :-) we ordered for chicken fried noodles,.. the chef came along there and had all the ingredients in his trawlee,.. he started cooking in the same table and wow,.... the food when served was delicious and had a little bit of coconut flavor. I started of eating in sticks,.. it was difficult for a while,.. i just sticked on to the basics,.. "never scoup a lot inorder to eat in a single mouth,..whatever came in the stick i just tasted it",..murali was in full flow,.think he got experiance running the show for him,... whereas amit opted for the spoons,.. all together it was a heavy and tasty lunch,... i have tasted japanese food in their own style :-)


Sql inbuilt functions

trunc(sysdate,'mm') ----> returns the starting date of the current month
trunc(sysdate.'y') -----> returns the starting date of the current year

Copper - Indian Cusine @ Charlotte

After a long and frustrated day at office, Just got a break as a mail peeped into my mail box containing the invitation to a team anniversary . so started of in a cool blue sport car and it rumbled into the 85-s,..then into 77 and finally into copper,the indian cusine. the interiors was quite good and the place was really calm. Almost 7 people - my team members were already there and got myself settled,..(with all the official work schedules running in my mind),..just stumbled to order ,..hmmm wihtin a few seconds one of my team members ordered for the appetizers,..then the chiken,..wow,..that was really fantastic,.... filled in a lot :-)... felt sleepy,... came back and ,..... whats next ,.. a nice sleep right??/ good night ,... 4th october inithey mudikirathu .......


Black Jack - The game that swallows money

During the weekends,.. the only entertainment is black jack. The game, when started we would seem to gain more money,... but gradually by end of date you will be getting out empty handed.
Its kind of a game where little tactics and more of emotions are involved. So be carefull when you are playing the real gamble. ......
You know i have lost today terribly :-( thats why i have added in my philosophy (sorry,.. i call it so...)