Nakato - Sushi

Nakato - Sushi Bar is a japanese restaurant. One fine day, it was murali, myself and amit who jumped in a cruiser wagon to drive across to nakato for our lunch. hmmm,... the interiors was totally reflecting japanese culture,.. when the bearer invited us to a table,.. i was totally surprised to see the kitchen setup,.. yes there were sticks(sorry am not getting the exact name :-) we ordered for chicken fried noodles,.. the chef came along there and had all the ingredients in his trawlee,.. he started cooking in the same table and wow,.... the food when served was delicious and had a little bit of coconut flavor. I started of eating in sticks,.. it was difficult for a while,.. i just sticked on to the basics,.. "never scoup a lot inorder to eat in a single mouth,..whatever came in the stick i just tasted it",..murali was in full flow,.think he got experiance running the show for him,... whereas amit opted for the spoons,.. all together it was a heavy and tasty lunch,... i have tasted japanese food in their own style :-)

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