Lake Norman

On August 26th 2006, I found myself in a roaring car disturbing the silence of the natural pathway up into the deep forests of the lake norman.It was a sunny day and more than the usual, the weather conditions changed. Cool breeze mixed with a wooden aroma was passing away by us.The calm and silent nature of the lake reflected the peacefull behaviour of the lagoons that were jumping here and there from one tree to the other.Four of us parked the car on the road side and started walking into a one way path covered with withered leaves and were thrilled to feel the darkness grow on us....


My Journey towards the West - 1

It was 12th August early morning, the lufthansa jumbo flyers were ready to take me to one of the
 worlds busiest hub Frankfurt.yeah,.. it was an official trip. The Client wanted a person with a specialised knowledge to go to their place and work for them. The journey was scheduled and planned chennai - frankfurt - washington dc - charlotte. After a long delay the jumbo prepared itself to the journey. I boarded the jumbo ( i luv to call it so...) and things were totally different then,... Gotta a feeling of being seated in the air bus that i used to travel to my native from chennai.
The crew ,.. the captain 's german accent which influenced the english version of his speech and order was totally strong,..it was kinda heavy gravity . With the countdown ticking away and the jumbo engines roaring,.. i felt that i was moving,.. yes moving towards a destination to which i have never been,.. yes waited to see the land of hitler,.. the great.