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VRML - Virtual Reality Markup Language can be quite related to the HTML - Hyper Text Mark up Language. In HTML, we type in the code in a notepad and save it as .html inorder to create a web page. The Browsers used were IE,Netscape, Mozilla , Firefox,... Similarily the VRML is written in a notepad and saved as .wrl . Browsers like VRealm, VRscout, Cosmoplayer are the ones that would render the 3d workspace of the objects that we create. virtual walkthroughs of a building, Face as in Humanoids ,.. and many more can also be created. I am totally interested in designing Virtual space for real time objects. People who are really interested in this field can help me out in sharing the ideas and the real work that VRML is capable of.

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Sanjeev said...

Pon.. I remember.. A fabulous presentation before the prestigious group of Hexaware-Hewitt people in Forum@JPC.

Please keep it up.